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Supersprox framdrev 13T


Supersprox framdrev 13T
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    • Manufactured from hardened SCM-435 steel making them virtually indestructible
    • Fully recessed and drilled to reduce rotational mass
    • Gas impregnated carburized teeth provide durability and reduce chain drag
    • Grooved to prevent dirt build up under the chain and prolong chain life
    • Perfect for motorsport applications
    • Made using CNC machining processes
    • Crafted with precision from reliable materials

    Supersprox® is a true world leader in the production of performance sprockets. With a long tradition of expertise in the motorcycle field, the company has provided the best quality racing sprockets since 1959. Today, it is undoubtedly the largest manufacturer of motorcycle sprockets in Europe, but its passion remains in the production of the technical sprockets, like the Supersprox-stealth. Its products were fitted to the motorcycles of 6 world champions in 2014 and 7 world champions in 2015. The company is constantly looking for ways to become more flexible in production, whilst keeping its high standards. This flexibility allows it to meet the growing diversity in need from customers.

    Supersprox Products Standard Guarantee

    All Supersprox products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and fit for purpose. Machining faults, significant damage from the machining process or other defects that would render the part unusable or unsatisfactory are covered by the Supersprox standard guarantee. Supersprox products are designed to fit and function on any motorcycle/ATV listed on its website, providing that the machine has not been modified to provide more power or torque than it was originally designed. The Supersprox standard guarantee does not provide free replacement sprockets, when the used sprocket is worn out.
    The Supersprox standard product guarantee should not be confused or connected to the kit guarantee that Supersprox offers for complete chain and sprocket kits. The definition of a kit is rear sprocket in the brand Supersprox-stealth and a front sprocket in the brand Supersprox and a chain supplied in the Supersprox kit box with sealed links and in the brand Supersprox, RK or DID only. Please read the kit guarantee for full details.

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